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Turn PDFs, DWGs, and image files into each other

Print2CAD is a graphics editor that allows you to quickly convert PDFs, DWGs, and image files into each other. Print2CAD has many options to vectorize and improve quality of all conversions, as well as a built in wizard. This version of Print2CAD also contains 30 day trial without feature restrictions.


The two main ways to use Print2CAD is by either selecting the automated wizard or accessing the main menu. In either case you will first need to select either a PDF, DWG, or image (TIFF, JPEG, and PNG are compatible). The wizard will automatically pick the best settings for a job, though you can always change these suggestions. After a few clicks the file will be converted into the corresponding output.

The main menu option is much more detailed. Before converting you can select three different options for analysis, vectorization, and optimization. Under analysis Print2CAD will show you how many paths, hatches, texts, and images a particular file will contain. In the vector menu you can choose the level of rasterisation, such as specific pixel length, trace thickness, and angle sensitivity. Optimization will allow you to set color schemes, separate layers, and normalize any text. When you convert under Print2CAD’s main menu there will be more notifications and confirmations for any possible errors or recommendations. There is no "yes to all" button for these confirmations, so you may need click through them many times.


Print2CAD’s menus are easy to understand and use. In the wizard option you will only need to select a few checkboxes and dropdown menus to reach the best conversion settings. In the main menu option there are large buttons that are clearly marked. The various explanations within menus might be common to graphic designers, but will likely be too complex for casual users. Thankfully, nearly every menu provides a large and clear link to Print2CAD's online tutorials. Each video tutorial breaks down how an option works and the best means of using them.


Print2CAD’s graphics are rather strange and jarring. The wizard option displays a plain white and easy to read menu, but the main menu is another story. Print2CAD’s logo is a picture of the Earth and moon with a large lens flare across a fiery background. In the main menu view this logo’s gaudy color scheme is on every button, further overlayed with ugly bright yellow and red text.

Conversion jobs with Print2CAD are generally fast, though it depends on the detail and file size of your file. Completed conversions into images or DWG often appeared just like their input files. Some strange occurrences may happen with files converted to PDFs: all detailed text becoming Unicode or images out of alignment. The trial version of Print2CAD also contains a large and intrusive watermark on completed jobs.


Print2CAD is a great and fast means of changing PDFs, DWGs, and images into one another. There is an array of settings to help optimize your conversions. While the trial contains all of these features, finished jobs might not be of the highest quality.

Print2CAD converts PDFs, Raster Images and more into fully editable CAD files (DWG or DXF).

Top Quality PDF to DWG/DXF Conversion and Vice Versa

Top Quality EPS/PS PostScript to DWG/DXF Conversion

Top Quality TIFF/JPEG etc. to DWG/DXF Vectorization

Top Quality HPGL, HPGL-2 to DWG/DXF Conversion

Top Quality DWF to DWG/DXF Conversion


OCR Recognition of Texts (Native, as Raster or as Line)

Converts Raster Images To DWG/DXF Vector Elements

Smart Recognition of Layers, Circles, Arcs, Line Types, etc.

Smart Edge Recognition and Vectorization of Digital Photos

Incredible Accuracy with the Help of Free Calibration Points

Integrated DWG/DXF Postprocessor and Viewer

Integrated PDF Viewer with Measurement Tools

Converts Blueprint Scans with OCR and Corner Detection

English, German, Italian, Spanish and French Interfaces

Batch Conversion Supported (no additional Price)

200 Page Program Reference Manual and Free Daily Webinars

Technical Support by Native US Representatives (For Customers and Trial Users)

Older versions

Program available in other languages

Print2CAD for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 2015
  • 3.6
  • (159)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Print2CAD

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Great software..
    This product does everything that I was looking for. I have been looking for a software just like this to use in my business for five years.
    Pros: Converts PDFs
    Cons: Nothing, does exactly what I need.


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